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Top 25 Amazon Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I am admittedly a very serious Amazon shopaholic. While it is imperative that we support local businesses (especially in our current economic climate), I'd be lying if I said I completely avoid the bottomless pit of items offered by this e-commerce giant. I personally haven't used/currently own all of the products below, but if someone would like to donate unlimited funds for me to purchase, I would graciously accept.

Here are the top 25 kitchen gadgets I never knew I needed:

1. BeepEgg Boiled Egg Timer

Many people (myself included) struggle to make the perfect hard boiled egg. The struggle ends TODAY with the BeepEgg Boiled Egg Timer. It measures the egg's core temperature to align with your desired boiled egg. The best part? The BeepEgg sings unique tunes for each boiling level, alerting you of the status of your egg.

  • Soft boiled: "Oh Susanna"

  • Medium boiled: "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

  • Hard-boiled: "Hail Hail All Gangs Are Here"

Buy on Amazon: $19.99

2. OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

We put avocado on everything these days (not that I'm complaining), but why settle for an ordinary knife, spoon, fork combo when there is a tool out there that DOES IT ALL!

  • All in one tool splits, pits and slices avocados

  • Stainless steel pitter removes pit with one quick twist

  • Slicer lifts fruit from skin in seven perfect pieces

  • Soft, comfortable non slip grip

  • Top rack dishwasher safe

Buy on Amazon: $9.99

3. Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press

I was skeptical at the actual necessity of this kind of tool, but after trying it... I will never make hamburger patties with just my hands ever again. This not only makes your burgers the same size, but also allows you to stuff your patties with ease.

Buy on Amazon: $14.95

4. Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Plus Folding Chopping Board

This folding chopping board provides a durable, knife-friendly cutting surface for all types of food preparation. But when the handle is squeezed, the sides of the board fold up, forming a convenient chute down which chopped food or waste can be neatly guided.

Buy on Amazon: $20.00

5. 60 Second Salad Maker

Simple, yet practical. This is the fastest way to make a delicious salad and get rid of the excess mess! Wash all of your veggies and fruit, toss them in the bowl (also can be used as a strainer) and cut along the slots. Flip it over and pop off the lid, and your salad is ready for dressing!

Buy on Amazon: $10.97

6. Cheese Curler

Cheese, but with a twist! This tool peels off very thin cheese curls that not only intensify the taste, but also increases how many bites of deliciousness able to be consumed with each wheel. A must have for any cheese enthusiast.

Buy on Amazon: $31.81

7. Automatic Pan Stirrer

Are you cooking multiple dishes at once? Is your arm just getting tired? With the push of a button, this automatic stirrer can assist with any mixture without any supervision or assistance.

Buy on Amazon: $29.95

8. Chefman Immersion Stick Hand Blender

Equipped with a powerful 300-Watt ultra quiet motor, this immersion hand blender quickly purees soups, blends batters, mixes beverages, and more. The unit's unique blade provides extremely smooth and even blending, while its protective blade guard helps prevent splattering. Other useful features include a lightweight design, an easy to-grip ergonomic handle, and simple push-button control.

Buy on Amazon: $24.95

9. ButterOnce Corn Butter Knife

Struggling to use a regular knife to butter your corn on the cob? Yeah... I didn't know there was a better way either! Not only does this gadget deliver the optimal amount of butter to every part of your corn, but it also seamlessly slices through the stick of butter.

Buy on Amazon: $6.95

10. Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump

I personally open a bottle of wine and end up finishing the entire thing... but for those of you with more self control-- this is the gadget for you!

This accessory extracts air from an open bottle and uses the resealable stopper to extend the amount of enjoyable time to your wine. The vacuum slows down the oxidation process to keep your wine better for longer.

Buy on Amazon: $11.89

11. HIC The Garlic Chop Garlic Chopper

I add garlic to almost everything, and have gotten to the point where I cheat and just buy the pre-minced garlic in a jar. When I'm feeling ~fancy~ I will use real cloves of garlic and always end up with huge chunks in my dishes (which is just unpleasant).

The Garlic Chop easily cuts, dices and minces garlic cloves and other veggies, like onions, carrots, ginger and chili peppers – keeps hands odor free. The best part? No digging or scraping garlic out, like you would from a garlic press

Buy on Amazon: $14.99

12. Dip Clip Bowl Plate Holder

I. Love. Dip. If I go to a party and there are no dips in sight-- I'm out. These cute containers work on almost any type of plate (including paper!?) and allows you to pair your dips with the appropriate "dippers" with ease. I'm buying these immediately.

By on Amazon: $7.29

13. Reusable, Silicone, Non-Stick Baking Cups Liners

Not only are these adorable, but they are a cost-saving alternative to disposable paper cup liners. These work in any standard muffin pan and are perfect for packing snacks for kids (or grownups), freezers, microwaves, and ovens. While I am a sucker for holiday themed paper wrappers, these are fantastic for when you're just in the mood to bake.

Buy on Amazon: $7.57

14. TangoLL Cooking Tongs and Spatula 2 in 1 Kitchen Aid & BBQ Gadget

I'm always looking for multi-use gadgets. Whenever I need to use tongs, I tend to either use a fork, or finesse my spatula to help me out. My prayers have been answered with this tool!

Buy on Amazon: $10.99

15. Adjust-A-Teaspoon And Adjust-A-Tablespoon Set

I'd be lying if I told you these didn't catch my eye right away. I can't be the only one that has the tsp/Tbsp individual scoops that are a pain to store in my drawer and even if I'm just using one, I end up needing to wash all of them anyways! The fact that this set is adjustable takes away the need for a multitude of different scoops and makes measuring much easier.

Buy on Amazon: $8.77

16. 3 Piece Set: Clip-On Strainer, Brush, & Garlic Peeler

  • 3 PIECE KITCHEN TOOL SET- includes clip on strainer, garlic peeler and basting brush for extra value

  • UNIVERSAL FIT DESIGN- Fits nearly any sized pot, pan, saucepan and bowl

  • USES VERY LITTLE SPACE- Uses much less storage space than traditional strainers, colanders and sieves

  • FINE MESH- allows easy straining and pouring of water and juices from spaghetti pasta, ground beef grease, tuna fish, tomatoes and other foods.

  • EASY & SAFE TO USE- Simply snap on and strain foods; made of food-grade silicone and also dishwasher safe

Buy on Amazon: $13.90

17. Microwave Pasta Cooker

This video advertisement makes me chuckle because making pasta really is not a very complicated task. HOWEVER-- if you really do struggle boiling water, or if you're cooking in a dorm room, this is a great alternative.

Buy on Amazon: $16.99

18. Chef'n FridgeFork Condiment Fork

Sick and tired of trying to grab a pickle from the jar? Look no further. Regular forks and knives definitely would suffice if you're *in a pickle* (get it?). But this condiment fork is great if you're looking to get a little creative.

Buy on Amazon: $6.99

19. Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker

Ok, you probably don't NEED this, but if you are looking for a gadget to help make making quick desserts or treats--this is perfect. I love cake pops, but the hassle usually isn't worth it. This is an easy way to satisfy your cravings, or whip up a quick recipe to bring to a party, or even for a bake sale!

Buy on Amazon: $20.49

20. Freezer Cube 5 Tier Zip Lock Freezer Bag Storage System

My freezer can become a disaster pretty quickly. The worst thing is spending a ton of money on groceries and having them get lost in the back of your freezer! This freezer bag storage system is perfect for anyone that tends to cook in bulk and freeze leftovers for quick meals later in the week or month.

Buy on Amazon: $29.99

21. The Wand Wine Filter by PureWine

  • NO MORE WINE HEADACHES – Only PureWine alleviates ALL of the most common side effects from drinking wine: Headaches, Congestion, Skin Flush, Hangovers and Upset Stomach.

  • REMOVES HISTAMINES AND SULFITES, THE PUREWINE ADVANTAGE - No other wine filter removes BOTH the histamines and sulfite preservatives that trigger the most common wine sensitivities. The Wand works on ALL red, white and sparkling wines WITHOUT changing the natural taste, aromas or color of the wine.

  • CONVENIENT, BY-THE-GLASS - Easy to use, portable, fits in purse or pocket. Disposable, ready to use, no messy cleanup needed. Perfect for social gatherings, celebrations and holidays. Great for gifting and sharing with friends. Purifies and aerates a glass of wine in as little as 3 minutes.

  • NO MORE WASTED WINE - Imagine no longer having to throw away opened bottles of wine! The Wand restores open, oxidized wine to its natural state using Patented Phoenix technology.

  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE– Does not add any harsh chemicals to your wine. Patented NanoPore filtration is proven safe and effective in independent tests. FDA compliant and BPA-Free. 100% Made in the U.S.A.

Buy on Amazon: $11.99

22. Fresh Guacamole ProKeeper

I recently made Pomegranate Avocado Dip and had more leftover than expected. I was googling different hacks to keep my guacamole from browning and stumbled upon this life changing tool. I'm not saying this will keep your guacamole fresh for weeks, but it definitely will extend the shelf life. It also never hurts to add a little lemon juice to keep the avocado from darkening.

Buy on Amazon: $10.39

23. OXO Good Grips Dish Squeegee

This inexpensive tool is fantastic for cleaning up dishes, counter tops, and sinks, and also helps ensure you get every last drop of batter/sauce/etc. out of the bowl. It is simple and easy to use and small enough to store without taking up a ton of drawer or counterspace.

Buy on Amazon: $4.99

24. Select-A-Spice Auto-Measure Carousel

Especially when you're first starting out experimenting with different recipes, you've probably acquired a vast amount of spices that you have no idea how to organize. To ensure your spices don't get lost in the back of your cabinet, this is the perfect tool to make organization a breeze.

Buy on Amazon: $25.30

25. TriScale Compact Folding Digital Kitchen Food Scale

Whether your following an unusually outlined recipe or dieting, you can't go wrong with this compact food scale. Not only does it fold so you can easily store it, it offers a sleek and easy way to understand what you're putting in your food and body.

Buy on Amazon: $24.89

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