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Lox & Cream Cheese Crackers

These are another insanely quick and easy snack/ appetizer that can be enjoyed no matter the season. I’ve been serving these to my friends, family, and coworkers for years and they can’t get enough!


  • 12 oz package of Smoked Salmon (Brand of your choice)

  • 8 oz tub of cream cheese (Brand of your choice)

I typically like to use whipped cream cheese but that is my personal preference!

  • 1 box of crackers of your choice

I used Triscuits because they are able to hold the weight of the cream cheese and salmon


  1. This is pretty self-explanatory, but all that’s left to do is assemble and plate.

  2. Cut your salmon into bite sized pieces proportionate to the size of your cracker

  3. Spread cream cheese on each cracker and top with slice of smoked salmon

  4. Plate and serve!

  5. You can make these a few hours in advance of when you’d like to serve them, but I wouldn’t recommend assembling the night before. Depending on the cracker used, the cream cheese could make the cracker mushy.

  6. If you want to *make it fancy* I’ve also added onions and capers on top of the cracker or on the side when you plate so that your guests can add if they desire.

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